Tuscan Non Condensing Boiler Specifications

'made in Suffolk using British burners'


Tuscan Bentone BF1 oil fired burner side viewThe Tuscan C range of non condensing boilers includes two highly efficient models Tuscan C 50-70 and Tuscan C 75-95, both are kitchen models. Both models achieve efficiency ratings of 92% to 93% at full load, are SEDBUK A rated and provide a cost effective upgrade to an existing system. For guidance on situations where Building Regulations permit the installation of non-condensing boilers please contact us


In the specification below you'll see some of the elements we consider essential for a high quality product; you'll find they are unique to Tuscan Boilers. 


Specifications for Tuscan kitchen models, are the unique details, Boiler dimensions and then Boiler Outputs.


Tuscan C Range of Non Condensing Boilers


The detail that makes the difference in our Tuscan Kitchen models...


Free 5 year warranty.....
 A 5 year warranty is included on all components, not just the heat exchanger. There is no need to purchase extended warranty. *
Paper element oil filter included...
Tuscan condensing oil boiler paper keroscene filter fittingsPaper element  oil filter and fittings are included, to ensure you don't end up with a sub standard filtration system. Gauze filters that are commonly provided do not provide an adequate filtration. All fittings provided inside boiler casing.
Plugs and sockets...... 
Tuscan oil burner plugs and sockets
 Plugs and sockets for mains power and burner
leads are included - thus making boiler installation and servicing easy.
We send a service reminder...
We send a reminder when it's time to call your engineer for the annual service.
Boiler status neon's.... 
Tuscan oil fired boiler neons lightsNeon lights are visible to read, these are important to communicate boiler status. But are often no longer fitted, or hidden behind the casings.
Smallest condensing boiler available....           
350mm wide casing with up to 25kW output.
550mm depth for casing available for 12/19
model: same depth as kitchen cupboards.
A high limit neon....
Includes Neon light to indicate the high limit
thermostat has tripped. This saves the cost of an engineer callout, you can just push button to reset.
Fully insulated....      
Quality Insulation material... 
Insulation in Tuscan oil condensing boilersCasing panels are fully insulated, not just the heat exchanger. This makes Tuscan boilers exceptionally quiet.
45kg/m2 density foil faced Rockwool keeps the heat in and makes a quiet boiler even quieter, the norm is lighter weight 25kg fibre glass.
Waterway entry/ exit....            
Waterways are in the base and top of the primary exchanger,  means efficient use
of radiated heat from the burner.
Tiger loop...              
Tiger loop is not required. This is normally used for installations where the oil level in the tank is below the burner, but not necessary in Tuscan. Saving costs circa £95 to install.
Bentone BF1 burner...
Bentone BF1 burnerThe Bentone BF1 is the only burner on the market designed from scratch for condensing oil boilers. This burner used industry standard components which means lower 'lifetime' costs compared to bespoke components of Riello burners.
Discreet laser cut outs in casing....
Discreet pre cut 'knock outs' for pipe options to left or right for flow, return and condensation drainage. Those unused are barely visible.


Heat exchangers...
Heat exchangers made from high grade 3mm and 4mm steel with stainless steel turbulators in the condenser unit.
*conditions apply


Tuscan C Range Boiler Dimensions

Tuscan non condensing oil boiler 


Tuscan C Range Boiler Outputs

Model Output kW Output Btu/hr BED Efficiency Water Connections
Flow Return


14-21 50 - 70,000 92-93% 3/4" BSP 3/4" BSP
22-28 75 - 95,000 92-93% 3/4" BSP 3/4" BSP


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