Oil Fired Combi Boiler

A combi boiler is similar to a conventional boiler with a second heating circuit which instantaneously produces hot water.

Second heating circuit

Often overlooked is the fact that the operating / engineering differences between gas and oil fired combi boilers is significantly different.

Oil fired combi’s, unlike gas, do not have modulating burners to cope with additional heating demand when a hot tap is opened.


This problem is addressed in two ways:

      - an integral water store making them physically big.

      - a larger boiler output than is actually required to satisfy central
        heating demand; you might end up with a 30kW boiler where
        a 20kW conventional boiler would suffice and also be more


When the heat store is exhausted, hot water flow of 10-13ltrs / minute @ 35oC rise above mains temperature is around the norm. To fill a bath (112ltrs) will take about ten minutes, provided no other taps are opened.


High life-time costs... unlike a gas combi, water is stored in the boiler at circa 80oC,  components subjected to this constant residual temperature will fail. Oil fired combi boilers are complex, have bespoke components; they will be more expensive to maintain than a conventional system. Good business for boiler manufacturers, not necessarily the best option for the homeowner!


So what's the solution? - Keep it simple! In so many cases a conventional boiler with a pressurised domestic hot water cylinder such as a Megaflow is a far better option.


The benefits:

        - loads of hot water at mains pressure - up to 72 litres per minute

        - back up immersion heater

        - industry standard components



Combination Boiler  


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