Hounsfield Boilers manufacture Small, Quiet and Efficient Oil Fired Boilers for Central Heating  - the Tuscan range

Andrew Hounsfield, MD, demonstrates the unique benefits of Tuscan Boilers for Homeowners and Installers, in this video from Hounsfield Boilers.


Designed to be Small, Quiet and Efficient Oil Boilers, whilst Easy to Install, Reliable and Easy to Service.Tuscan oil fired condensing boiler

Tuscan oil boilers are for Kitchens and External use. The white Kitchen Models have a range of balanced flue options and uniquely the brown External Boilers also have a balanced flue system.

Tuscan Condensing Oil Boilers - High Efficiency (HE)

Minimum 96% full load efficiency when tested in accordance with European Boiler Efficiency standards, making the Tuscan boilers some of the most efficient boilers in their class!

Tuscan Non-Condensing Boilers - Standard Efficiency (SE)

These are based on the same high performance designs of our condensing oil boilers.


Why We Don't Manufacture Oil Combi Boilers

Oil combi boilers are sometimes called a combination boiler. Unlike their gas equivalents, there are too many problems with oil combis, one major factor being the high ongoing, 'life time' maintenance costs. Find out more about types of oil boilers in heating systems explained.


Choosing A New Boiler

A new boiler is no doubt a considerable "investment" decision; identifying the pros and cons of different boilers available on the market is difficult, we'll help you identify those essential features when selecting the best oil fired boiler for your home or customer.


We decided to "buck" the "build it down to a price"  cheap oil boiler trend of recent years, but rather consider the "life time costs" of servicing and maintaining an oil boiler.  This 'life time cost' was our focus when developing our boiler products using the best oil boiler design features, materials and components. 


If you're looking for the cheapest oil boiler you won't find it here, that would compromise our objectives, we offer value for money, as the old adage goes "quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten".


'It's The Detail That Counts'  With Hounsfield Oil Fired Boilers

  • Individually Built: Hounsfield Boilers are individually built; we don't have a production line.
  • Easier Access Service Doors: Service access doors are secured with wing nuts and stainless steel washers, rather than cheaper nuts and mild steel washers and we apply grease to the threads.
  • All Essential Components Included: We include those essential components such as a paper element kerosene filter with  fittings, a fuel isolation valve and all the fittings required within the boiler casing.
  • Service Reminders: We send an annual reminder when it's time to call an oil boiler service engineer.
  • Personal Telephone Support: If you contact us by telephone, enjoy the simple courtesy of a human being answering, rather than an automated system designed for somebody else's convenience.

With 30 years experience in the oil boiler business, our designs attend to the details of useability and reliability.


Find out more about the benefits of Tuscan boilers for homeowners and benefits of Tuscan boilers for installers & engineers plus our technical help for Tuscan boilers.


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